Our Property Finder service is dedicated to finding the perfect property based on our client's needs and wishes. After an initial consultation, our team carries out market research based primarily on the indicated needs. Once the best alternatives have been identified, with our mediation the client is accompanied during the decision-making and negotiation phase.



Sardinia Unlimited's technical team guarantees the urban and environmental regularity of the proposed properties, taking care of the documental research (energy performance certificate, ownership documents, cadastral surveys, etc.) and managing their compliance. It also takes care of opening the utilities necessary for a comfortable welcome to your new home in Sardinia.

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Estimation and technical management

Sardinia Unlimited's technical team guarantees the regularity and completeness of the documentation of the properties, taking care of the search for the necessary documentation in person, such as: energy performance certificates, ownership documents, land registry searches, etc. We ensure that each property complies with urban and environmental regulations and offer you careful support should you have technical or structural doubts.

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Sardinia Unlimited takes charge of the onerous paperwork such as notary organisation, preparation of the most suitable mortgage application and all the bureaucratic and fiscal management associated with buying and selling property, often the phase that scares the buyer the most.

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Thanks to decades of experience in the seasonal rental sector, Sardinia Unlimited provides detailed estimates for a possible property income investment, optimising the occupation of the property in total flexibility. Our marketing and customer care teams enhance and promote the property, taking care of the guest experience down to the smallest detail.

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